This website introduces the work of the Lee Rigby Foundation, who it seeks to help, and how.


The Lee Rigby Foundation is a Charity, Number 1166794, registered in England and Wales, which was founded by Lyn and Ian Rigby after the loss of their son, Fusilier Lee Rigby. Lyn’s own experience and that of her family is compelling evidence of need for this project, and it is to help other families in the same situation that they formed the Lee Rigby Foundation. Having found that there are a great many more families in similar need of such support, Lyn has become the driving force for the project.


Furthermore, as was so wisely said on the recent television programme, The SAS: In Their Own Words, “There is no such thing as an un-injured soldier.” Members of the Armed Forces are a close team of allies, who become so integrated and supportive of each other that they practically become the best kind of family. Combat usually leads to the loss of some of those team-members, but in the Forces, there isn’t time or the opportunity to come to terms with that loss. Military service inevitably ends, and Active Duty Forces re-join “civvie street”, but many have un-resolved bereavements and other issues, such as PTSD. Lyn and Ian Rigby are in touch with many families with members who are Veterans, who are suffering in these ways, and they have pledged to help them too.

The Mission Statement of the Lee Rigby Foundation is as follows:

“To support persons suffering from bereavement or loss. Relieving mental and physical distress and saving lives through contact, support, and holistic alternative care by providing retreat and respite centres, and promoting activities proven to benefit health.”

The work of the Lee Rigby Foundation is now gathering momentum. Charitable Status was granted on 27th April 2016, there is now a core team pushing the aims and objectives forward, and the response from the public has been fantastic. Lyn has always said that this kind of work is what Lee would have wanted her to do in response to finding such wide-spread and profound need among Veterans and their families, and she is energetically pressing-on with this cause, surrounded by an inspired and capable team. The Lee Rigby Foundation will make every single penny count towards providing the support that is so needed.

Please look around this website to see what we have planned, how we’re going to achieve it,
and how YOU can help!