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The Kendo Nagasaki autobiography is out now, and all the profits from its sales are going to be donated to our Foundation!

It’s a fantastic read, covering the life of the man behind the mask from birth to the debut of Kendo Nagasaki, all their adventures, and more, right up to the present day and Peter’s support for our Foundation.

Pick up a signed paperback or hard-back copy at the Nagasaki Web Store, or a paperback at Amazon.

It’s a fascinating, informative, and highly entertaining way to support our Foundation – get yours now!

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Happy New Year!

All at the Foundation would like to wish everyone who has supported us a Very Happy New Year for 2019.

We send our heart-felt thanks to you all for supporting our work – with your help we’ve given many families the chance to get away from their troubles and relax here in the Staffordshire countryside, and it’s truly heart-warming to see how the experience has helped transform them into happier, more optimistic, and stronger people. With your continued support, we hope to continue and extend this work much further.

Whatever problems or difficulties we may have faced, we look to 2019 and beyond for a better and stronger future, secure in the knowledge that together we can – and will – work wonders.

Happy New Year!

Lee’s Legacy is Up and Running!

LRH with Lee w1280

The Lee Rigby House is now open.

It’s available to any family who has lost a loved one in military service, no matter how long ago, and for Veterans and their families who need a getaway break.

It’s fully-furnished and has 4 bedrooms, 2 sitting rooms, a generous kitchen, several TVs, and free internet access.

The house is free of charge and self-catering – all you need to bring is yourselves and food for your stay, which can be just a day or two or a couple of weeks – it’s up to you.

If you are interested in a stay at the House, please phone us during office hours on 01538 702949, or 07956 254145 or 07769 698268 at other times, or email us on


Lyn’s Interview with Jon Gaunt, 19th September 2017


Lyn was interviewed by Jon Gaunt of Talk2Me Radio on 19th September, and she spoke about the forthcoming opening of the Lee Rigby House and how the Lee Rigby Foundation is progressing.

Listen to the interview here:

Many thanks to Jon for a very well conducted interview, and for giving Lyn and her Foundation the opportunity to share her story and update everyone on her Foundation’s progress.

Rigby’s Guardians – President and Founder – Gavin Vitler

As we approach the 4th anniversary of Lee’s death, the Lee Rigby Foundation wishes to place on record its thanks to Rigby’s Guardians President and Founder Gavin Vitler for his tireless volunteering which has ensured that Lee is never forgotten.

Rigby's Guardians

On the 29th May 2013 and on hearing the terrible news about Lee’s death Gavin realised that the community wanted to do something in Lees memory, to grieve and to pay their respects.

Gavin said “Lee was a local lad from my home town and someone I knew. I wanted to do something to show the family that as a community we cared and that we would never forget Lee. We set off from Rochdale Town hall with over 200 bikers to the Memorial Gardens for a service which was attended by hundreds of people from all over the Country. The community just came together and provided some strength to the family at what was an extremely difficult time.”

Gavin did the same again for Lee’s funeral, and each year he organises the ride on the anniversary of Lee’s death, and numerous other charity fund raising events including a charity fun day. More recently this has developed into a Charity weekender. This attracts hundreds of people who remember and honour Lee and pay their respects to Lyn and Ian Rigby and their family.

Rigby’s Guardians has grown and it has three branches Middleton, Scotland, and Yorkshire.

In 2014 Gavin was presented with an award for his work by the Leader of the Council Colin Lambert and the Deputy Chief Executive Linda Fisher.

Today Gavin was ordained prior to the Guardians setting off from the Town hall, and the Reverend Gavin Vitler plans to do more work for the Foundation.

What an amazing achievement and level of dedication by the President and Founder of Rigby’s Guardians, the Reverend Gavin Vitler.

Gavin Vitler

Lee Rigby ‘Ride of Respect’ (Scooter Riders), Woolwich, 21st May

On Sunday, 21st May 2017, the ‘Ride of Respect’ scooter riders will gather at Blackheath Tea Hut for 10:30 am, to leave at 11:00 am.

They will proceed to the Woolwich Ferry to join with more riders from Essex, the on to Woolwich to drive by the site of the Lee Rigby Memorial, and then on to the Anchor & Hope, Riverside, Charlton, SE7 7SS.

Later the same day, the Band of the Royal British Legion will lead a march of Veterans from outside the entrance of Woolwich Barracks at 1:00 pm, to the site of Lee’s loss for a service, then on to the Memorial site for the laying of flowers.

Some will then move on to The George pub for refreshments before dispersing.

Lee Rigby ‘Ride of Respect’ (Bikers), Woolwich, 22nd May

The Lee Rigby Memorial Ride will be taking place this year on Monday 22nd May 2017.

Starting point will be the Royal Park at Greenwich SE10 8XJ.

The organisers are asking all Bikers to be there by 10.00 am at the latest, for a start off time of 11.00.

The Ride will be going past the Lee Rigby Memorial at Woolwich Barracks SE18 4BH, then on to the Merridian Sports and Social Club SE7 8QS were there will be refreshments before everyone disperses.

Lee Rigby Foundation Meeting in Oakamoor

Lyn and Ian Rigby and Linda Fisher attended a meeting today at Moor Court, Oakamoor, Staffordshire, on the site of the Lee Rigby House and Lodge projects.

It was an immensely positive day, covering many different areas, from broad concepts to fine detail, in pursuit of delivering what’s needed for Armed Forces Families.

We’re making new connections all the time, and all of them are universally positive about our aims, and as a result, there’s a tremendous feeling of momentum being generated – we’re all ever-more optimistic for the future of the project.

Please keep an eye on Social Media for new developments – these are very exciting times for our Foundation!