Rigby’s Guardians – President and Founder – Gavin Vitler

As we approach the 4th anniversary of Lee’s death, the Lee Rigby Foundation wishes to place on record its thanks to Rigby’s Guardians President and Founder Gavin Vitler for his tireless volunteering which has ensured that Lee is never forgotten.

Rigby's Guardians

On the 29th May 2013 and on hearing the terrible news about Lee’s death Gavin realised that the community wanted to do something in Lees memory, to grieve and to pay their respects.

Gavin said “Lee was a local lad from my home town and someone I knew. I wanted to do something to show the family that as a community we cared and that we would never forget Lee. We set off from Rochdale Town hall with over 200 bikers to the Memorial Gardens for a service which was attended by hundreds of people from all over the Country. The community just came together and provided some strength to the family at what was an extremely difficult time.”

Gavin did the same again for Lee’s funeral, and each year he organises the ride on the anniversary of Lee’s death, and numerous other charity fund raising events including a charity fun day. More recently this has developed into a Charity weekender. This attracts hundreds of people who remember and honour Lee and pay their respects to Lyn and Ian Rigby and their family.

Rigby’s Guardians has grown and it has three branches Middleton, Scotland, and Yorkshire.

In 2014 Gavin was presented with an award for his work by the Leader of the Council Colin Lambert and the Deputy Chief Executive Linda Fisher.

Today Gavin was ordained prior to the Guardians setting off from the Town hall, and the Reverend Gavin Vitler plans to do more work for the Foundation.

What an amazing achievement and level of dedication by the President and Founder of Rigby’s Guardians, the Reverend Gavin Vitler.

Gavin Vitler

Lee Rigby Foundation Meeting in Oakamoor

Lyn and Ian Rigby and Linda Fisher attended a meeting today at Moor Court, Oakamoor, Staffordshire, on the site of the Lee Rigby House and Lodge projects.

It was an immensely positive day, covering many different areas, from broad concepts to fine detail, in pursuit of delivering what’s needed for Armed Forces Families.

We’re making new connections all the time, and all of them are universally positive about our aims, and as a result, there’s a tremendous feeling of momentum being generated – we’re all ever-more optimistic for the future of the project.

Please keep an eye on Social Media for new developments – these are very exciting times for our Foundation!

Linda Fisher Appointed as Strategic Advisor

Our Foundation is delighted to have been joined by Linda Fisher as our Strategic Advisor.


Linda is a qualified solicitor, and has a wide range of high-level experience, including as a Chief Executive, with over 22 years experience of working within all tiers of Local Government at Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive level.

Linda says, “I have a particular passion for supporting Armed Forces Families and campaigning for better treatment and support.” This work led to an invitation to 10 Downing Street in 2014, and she was a Finalist in the Soldiering On Awards 2016, “Working Together” for Regional and National work carried out improving services and support for our Armed Forces Families, and she was also the Lead officer for Greater Manchester Council.

“I’m proud to have been appointed Strategic Advisor to the Lee Rigby oundation, working with Lyn Rigby, an inspirational lady who’s working hard to support Armed Forces Families.”

Linda’s already “moving and shaking” events, reaching out, raising our profile, and capably spreading the word about the Foundation’s great plans, and she’s a great addition to our team.

Press Article – The Stoke Sentinel


Thank you to the Stoke Sentinel for sending their skilled reporters to the Lee Rigby House and Lodge, to interview Lyn and to photograph the ongoing work – we’ll gladly update you as things progress!

This is the article as it appeared in the printed version of the newspaper.

Lee Rigby House acquires (almost) all its Windows!

There are so many details in refurbishing a house! Here at the Lee Rigby House, plumbers and electricians have been hard at work, all the floors are complete, as are the internal walls, and – as this picture shows – it would have been fully-glazed but for a SNAFU by the window company! They’ve re-measured, and we’ll have the bay window in 3 weeks…


Even on this brisk December morning, the view from the westerly sitting-room across the pasture is delightfully peaceful- – no horses in sight today, as they’re hovering around their feed, out of sight!


There’ll be some major milestones achieved in January, including all the inner plastering, second-fix plumbing and electrics,and – we hope – the kitchen – watch this space!

Another step forwards..!

We hereby proudly announce the launch of an upgraded website, which now contains much more information about what we do, how things are going, who’s involved, and where we’re heading.

This website will continue to be expanded, with more information and more features, so please do keep checking back, and we’ll announce anything new on Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimately, we will have a much bigger website, which has been planned-out by the wonderful and talented people at Source Design, but for the moment, we’re putting all our funding towards developing our facilities. Our sincerest thanks go to Glenn and Sally and all at Source, for their inspiration and insight, and their incredible generosity as we find our way forward, and we’re looking forward to the day we can work with them on expanding things ever more.

Granada ITV News features the Lee Rigby House

At the end of October 2016, Granada ITV News came to the site of the Lee Rigby House to film a short feature.

Lyn and Ian came, and they brought Carol Valentine, the mother of a soldier from the same regiment as Lee who was lost in Afghanistan, and Murray Richards, a Veteran of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The ITV reporter, Amy Welch, and the camerman spent many hours here, filming both the Lee Rigby House and the Lee Rigby Lodge, but sadly, their segment was only allowed enough air-time to feature the House.

An interview with Murray Richards was also filmed, which couldn’t be fitted into the time available, during which he remarked upon how the House and Lodge would provide the perfect get-away for recovery from PTSD to begin. “I found that just getting a good night’s sleep was impossible, but it is an essential first step towards recovering, and this place is just perfect – it’s going to be of immense value to the veterans and families who come here.”

Here’s the video: