Thank You!

Some wonderful people have gone to extraordinary lengths to support our Foundation, raising much-needed funds so we can progress our work, and here we’re delighted to be able to thank them here.

Thank You to everyone who has donated.


The first ‘Thank You’ to go out is to the great many people who have clicked our ‘Donate’ button or sent money to us. Big or small, these donations have been a huge help in getting our Foundation going, and moving things onwards to the next phase. To all of you who have helped us in this way, we send our sincere gratitude, in particular for helping us to get closer to our goal of helping the bereaved families and Veterans whose need is so great – you have helped to make a real positive difference.


Fund-Raisers on

A huge Thank You! goes out to everyone who is using JustGiving to raise funds for our Foundation. There is a vast range of imaginative and challenging activities being undertaken by a great many adventurous and generous souls to support us, and we’re deeply grateful for everything you’re doing.

There’s a great deal to admire about JustGiving – it’s very easy to create a fund-raising page on their website, if donors and supporters opt for the ‘Gift Aid’ option then they get tax relief on their contribution and we get 25% extra added directly from HMRC, and the monies raised are credited to us quickly and efficiently – JustGiving are a huge asset to us in our work.

So, once again, thank you to everyone who’s already created a Fund-raising page for our Foundation, and we look forward to ever-more imaginative and earnest fund-raising pages appearing on JustGiving – it’s fantastic to watch them as they progress and the funds grow, and all you fund-raisers can be assured that your efforts are being handled efficiently and effectively.

Keep Up the Excellent Efforts!


Sara & Rob Sarjeant, and Courtney Rigby

Sara, Rob, and Courtney completed several marathon-style runs, including the Asda Foundation’s 10k series and the 5k ‘Poppy Run’, to raise funds for the Lee Rigby Foundation. They set up a ‘JustGiving’ page for their fund-raising, and the support they received was so great that they had to keep raising their goal amount, and in the end managed an excellent £610. Here’s a picture, and the text of the ‘JustGiving’ page:

Sara Sarjeant + Rob + Courtney

“Lee’s 2 sisters and brother-in-law, Sara, Courtney and Rob are running the last of the Asda Foundation 10km series in Sheffield on 30th October 2016 and the 5K Poppy Run on 6th November 2016. We are running for the Lee Rigby Foundation, a new charity started by Lee’s Mum and Dad, Lyn and Ian Rigby. The charity offers care, support and advise to the Armed Forces bereaved families, veterans and UK military. The charity is currently renovating a lodge for the families, veterans and UK military personel to get away from everyday life for some well needed rest and recuperation and to come to terms with their family loss or any traumatic experiences they have had during their military career. As the case with all charities we rely on public donations to make all of this possible and would like to thank everybody that helps with this cause by donating.”

Very well done!


‘Zip-Wire’ challenges at the Sheffield Wednesday football ground.

We’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to the organisers and all the participants in the ‘Zip-wire’ challenges which have been held at the Shefield Wednesday football ground, to raise funds for the Sheffield Wednesday Community Fund and the Lee Rigby Foundation. Many participants raised funds on their own ‘JustGiving’ pages, and it was fascinating watching their totals rise. Here’s a picture of one brave soul, hurtling down from the top of the stands towards the pitch!



…to everyone who has pledged their support…

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has so kindly offered us their time and also goods and services to help us make progress in helping others. You’ve been so incredibly generous, which is hugely encouraging for the journey ahead as we expand and bring all aspects of our support on-line, and we look forward to working with you as our plans unfold. Thank you again, and on behalf of all those you’ll be helping in the future.


Our Partners and Friends

Many companies and organisations – and individual people too – have generously contributed to our work, both financially and materially and with ‘Gifts-in-Kind’, and we’re proud to call them our partners and friends, in the support we seek to provide to bereaved families and Veterans.

The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation

The Lee Rigby Foundation is delighted to have the support of The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation. Lyn and Ian and Courtney and Amy have all visited the Nagasaki Retreat on several occasions, enjoying its complete peace and lovely grounds, and being able to relax and regain their strength. The Lee Rigby House and Lodge are both on the same country estate as the Nagasaki Retreat, and both buildings have been made available to the Lee Rigby Foundation by the Nagasaki Foundation, also a registered charity. The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation will continue to support the Lee Rigby Foundation in its aim of helping and supporting bereaved families and Veterans.

Cross Deck

A supporter of our Foundation from the very earliest days, Cross Deck is the excellent ‘portal’ for Veterans and forces’ leavers to consult for career and employment opportunities. This service is a valuable resource for finding a rewarding place in ‘civvie street’, and is one which our Foundation is very pleased to be able to recommend and endorse. Furthermore, as they serve Veterans, forces’ leavers, and employers, for every job they place, Cross Deck contributes financially to the support of our Foundation, and we’re delighted to have such a mutually supportive relationship with the provider of such a worthy resource, and we wish them continued success in all their endeavours.

Source Design

One of the first companies to extend the hand of support as the Lee Rigby Foundation sought to establish itself, Source Design generously applied its vision and skills, and has significantly contributed towards establishing our online presence and identity. Source has mapped-out an extensive and comprehensive website for the Foundation, incorporating a shop, live help links, and extensive information resources, which we want to get live as soon as the funds are available. Our sincerest thanks go to Glenn and Sally and all at Source, for their inspiration and insight, and their incredible generosity as we find our way forward, and we’re looking forward to the day we can work with them on expanding things ever more.

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover have most kindly donated a tour of the Halewood manufacturing facility and an offroad experience, to be auctioned at our March 18th Charity Dinner at Manchester United. Needless to say, Land Rover has a long-standing and deep connection with the military, a relationship they take seriously with their ongoing Military Covenant commitment, and we’re most grateful for their support.

RJS Solicitors

RJS is a firm of solicitors which includes several departments, each specialising in complex areas of the law, and which can give top-notch advice and representation in many fields. We were delighted to have RJS’s support at our 18th March Charity Dinner at Manchester United, at which they had a VIP table – it was great to see you all there! Having supported the Kendo Nagasaki Foundation as they worked to support the Lee Rigby Foundation, we look forward to working further with all the talented RJS staff to further the aims of the Lee Rigby Foundation.

L’Oreal UK & Ireland

L’Oreal have generously made our Foundation one of their featured charities for 12 months. They were most generous in providing many prizes for the suction and raffle at our Charity Dinner at Manchester United on 18th March, and they continue to hold fund-raising events for our work, and are a big help to is in achieving our aims. Many, many thanks to L’Oreal and their staff – your generosity and hard work is helping to make a difference in the lives of people who really need support.

Robert & Goddaughter Kiera

Robert is a hugely imaginative and energetic friend of our Foundation. A fine example of active philanthropy, Robert says, “When Kiera lost her daddy, Royal Engineer Grant, there was little if any support for mummy Norma, how Norma dealt with the loss on her own and still managed to do such an amazing job of bringing up Kiera I will never know, they are my inspiration to get involved and support this amazing Foundation, to make life a little less hard for those people thrown in to the same awful situation in the future – it truly is an honour to be able to help.” Thank you so much, Robert and Kiera!

…and many others…

We have had support pledged to us by many other companies, organisations, and individuals, and as soon as we can make the most of their generosity and concern for our cause, we will add them to this list, including their icons and what they’ve done to help us help others. These are still relatively early days for our Foundation, and as more of our aims become fulfilled, we will see this list grow into an impressive roster of positive, pro-social, responsible, generous, and caring people and organisations. We have been humbled at the concern and support that has been shown for our cause, and we are immensely grateful for the generosity which will help us make a real difference in the lives of the bereaved families and Veterans we seek to help – thank you all.